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Global Music for Hire


We look forward to bringing you the best in global music for hire.

Courthouse Center for the ArtsCrocodile River Music has sought out the very best African musical artists available in the Northeast, and represents and books several top performers, from balafon legend Balla Kouyate to djembe master Issa Coulibaly. Crocodile River Music is an excellent source for the best in African music, having presented Kora virtuoso Yacouba Sissoko, guitarist Banning Eyre, Kenyan singer/songwriter Wangari Fahari, West African percussionist Tony Vacca, Chartwell Dutiro on the mbira, and Abdou Sarr, a Sengalese dancer.

Crocodile River Music also represents other global music acts, including the bossa-flamenco jazz of Ron Murray and Vuelo, the Calypso/Latin group Crocodile Island, New Orleans jazz/funk ensemble Gumbo, and Italian tenor Dominic De Pasquale with Orchestra Romanza.

Contact Zach Combs by email or call 508.792.2787 office or 978.265.4345 mobile.

Contact Dianne Mather by email or call 508.792.2787 office or 508.769.9675 mobile.

Wedding and Corporate Event Packages

The musicians of Crocodile Music include some of the most versatile and experienced in the world. Members of the United States Coast Guard Band, the Boston Pops and Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble are among the players on our team, resulting in ensembles and soloists capable of performing in many styles, from classical to jazz/pop to global music. With this roster, Crocodile River Music is able to offer a variety of approaches for weddings and private party events, from West African to conventional modern American, Latin and classical styles. CRM is able to customize the sounds desired for rehearsal dinners, ceremonial music, cocktail hours, receptions and awards ceremonies, and can offer the all the music needed for your special day in packages custom-designed to meet your needs.

Crocodile River’s West African musicians developed their technique and repertoire performing at weddings and other ceremonial events in Mali, West Africa, and some of our American players have spent considerable time in Africa learning the same way: playing street festivals, parties and weddings, sometimes lasting for days. As a result. Crocodile River is already a source for those wanting the real thing, and has already performed in those contexts here in the US.

The American musicians on the roster likewise have deep experience in this field. From solo classical guitar to chamber ensembles featuring guitar with flute, violin, saxophone, cello or vocalist, and with a repertoire of classical wedding standards or the ability to arrange popular songs for the event, Crocodile River Music can present a memorable program for any aspect of a wedding or corporate event. For example, a flute and guitar duo for a wedding ceremony can add upright bass and/or percussion for a smooth jazz approach to the cocktail hour, and continue building the band with keyboards and vocalist for the dance music needed during the reception. This creates a one-stop shopping experience which includes package prices and a single contact person to simplify the entire process. If your wedding or corporate event has a theme (i.e., Brazilian, Calypso, New Orleans jazz/funk, Italian, Flamenco-flavored, etc.), Crocodile River represents the best players and ensembles performing the musical selections and styles to reflect that theme. Preparing custom arrangements of favorites is part of the service as well.

For further information on African music for events, please contact Zach by email or call 508.792.2787 office or 978.265.4345 mobile.