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Crocodile River Music connects with NASA!

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Thu, 02/25/2016 – 17:13 – Tim Vigorito

Team USA Sharon, MA Eaglets were treated to a special celebration of African Arts Education with a combination of workshops and concerts performed by the highly acclaimed Crocodile River Music. Over a two day period, the entire student body participated in dance instruction taught by band members from nations and continents around the world.The group performed two concerts on the final day, much to the enthusiasm and excitement of over 500 students, staff and parents. The event fostered a wonderful spirit of international cooperation, and band members became instant celebrities at the school. Among the many numbers the band performed was a moving song dedicated to the upcoming conclusion of the Year Long Mission in Space. The group was most enthusiastic to be honored as “Official Ambassadors of Mission X, Train like an Astronaut Team USA”, and dedicated their music to people living both on and off of planet earth…..
Go Mission X!
Go Astro Charlie!
Go Crocodile River Music!!!!!!…….Thank You Heights PTG!!!!