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Trinidad 2 Timbuktu

Trinidad2Timbuktu-2014Trinidad 2 Timbuktu is an interactive musical-geography lesson for students of all ages. Expert musicians take the audience on a journey that starts in Africa with the music and rhythms that originated there in tribal and ritual drumming. From there, we travel around the world, exploring the calypso, reggae, flamenco, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban music and dance styles that have blossomed from these African musical roots.

Trinidad 2 Timbuktu offers audiences a journey of thousands of miles and hundreds of years. Our musicians will introduce listeners to native instruments and the various languages that mark each genre. They will demonstrate how regional dialects have found their way into the original African language of rhythm and song. Through lecture and discussion, song and dance performance, and opportunities for audience participation, this program invites listeners to see how our very wide world is, in some ways, a very small one indeed.

Bamako 2 Boston

Bamako 2 Boston is a high-energy, participatory concert focusing on the music and dance of Mali, West Africa. The capital of Mali is Bamako, which literally means “Crocodile River,” so who better than Crocodile River Music to be your guide on this journey. We feature many authentic instruments from Mali, including djembe, dundun, balafon, n’goni, calabash, talking drum, and karingya. This truly spectacular performance features performers with direct links to Mali and traditional costumes to virtually take you on a journey to the Crocodile River of Mali.

Crocodile Island

artist_seriesCrocodile Island offers audiences a great, fun party-band experience. A trio of experienced musicians and performers treats audiences to an extensive playlist inspired by the music of the Caribbean. We specialize in songs you can’t sit still for: the worldwide calypso hits of Harry Belafonte; the social commentary of reggae artists Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff; Caribbean-influenced artists like Jimmy Buffet and Billy Ocean; as well as popular hits restyled as calypso, reggae or ska. Our trio features the signature instruments of the Caribbean, the steel drums, along with guitar and drum set. Consider Crocodile Island for your next outdoor party, community concert, festival, or corporate or private functions—or whatever occasion calls for music so infectious, your guests won’t sit out a single dance.

Brazil and Latin American Neighbors

Let Ron Murray introduce your audience to the rich musical and cultural heritage of Brazil, as well as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and our other continental neighbors to the south. He can work either as a soloist or with his trio, Vuelo, to bring a workshop, seminar, performance, or master class to your school, campus or corporate setting. Ron’s specialty is the seven-string guitar, an instrument important to Brazilian musicians and featured in samba, choros, frevo, and bossa-nova styles—all music you will hear as part of your experience.


Ron sings in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and English for authenticity. His performance includes folk songs, classical compositions, and popular music from all over Latin and South America, from Duerme Negrita of Cuba to the El Condor Pasa of Peru and many countries in between. To complement the performance, Ron provides commentary on the composers, history, and culture featured in the music. Brazil and Latin American Neighbors offers audiences a grand tour – no passport required.

African Arts in Education

aaieAfrican Arts in Education was founded in October 2012, in Clinton, Massachusetts and developed collaboratively by Crocodile River Music and Clinton’s Gallery of African Art. Now located in downtown Worcester, AAiE is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts-service organization. We continue to fulfill our mission of sharing the cultures of Africa through stimulating interactive workshops, compelling performances and engaging school residencies.